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Four Friends International

  • By Phil Garrison · Network Operations - CVG Hub, Americas


Four Friends International

Main aim of the charity

Providing medical care to rural communities outside of Jalapa City GT.

How the employee got involved and why

My daughters coerced me into going to Jalapa years after they had volunteered. Twins, Leeah (a nurse) has been every year since the inception in 2011, Linzee (an educator) has been twice. I have been going since 2014. Up until the door closed on Delta flyt 904 ATL to GTL, I was praying some emergency at work would get me out of it. Didn't happen, since I've been at least once per year, and sometimes twice. Life altering.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Everything from working in the farmicia at the clinics to construction. The medical staff and the doctors from the US do a great job of ministering to the medical needs of the communities served. Not just the bi-annual trips to restock and shore up the local staff, but daily servants at the clinics and to the people of these communities. From my first trip in 2014, it was apparent that there was more needed than medical treatment. Root cause of majority of the chronic illness is dirty water.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Seed individual clean water filtration systems for the schools, clinics, and homes in the rural areas surrounding Jalapa City. We believe we've found a low cost, low maintenance solution from a company based in Antigua GT. This money would fund one hundred units. Enough for each classroom in two schools and fifty homes. Donate to the schools, and sell at cost with two year financing for $1.00 per month for twenty five months to head of households. Allowing for ongoing distribution recouping cost from sales and donations.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

Fulfill a years long desire to bring about permanent change in these communities. Not from a hand out but a hand up. I personally raised $800.00 to build a cistern, install a rooftop tank, and purchase a pump at a school in Los Laurales, served by one of the two clinics. In one day I raised the money and hired a local tradesman to build and install. Such a small amount of money now provides a sustainable water source for personal hygiene and working toilets for three hundred students. The school teaches hygiene and the need to not drink contaminated water. A great start, but not the end.

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