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Elderly People · 01:27

Friends of the Elderly

  • By Carolina Diaz Sanchez · Costa Rica, Americas


Carolina Diaz Sanchez

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of this charitable cause is to provide an unforgettable time for this elderly society, they are really happy and feel valued when we deliver presents to them, not only do they enjoy the present but also enjoy dancing and talking with people in this important time of the year. We think this generates awareness on how young people should value time with their grandparents. Spending time with them and sharing, showing appreciation and caring for them while we still can. Also, elderly people are part of a society that is being discriminated, or in worst cases abandoned by their family, it is really important for us to create awareness about all the love and care that they need, not only material needs but by compassion and human warmth. We will experience getting old and being an elderly person is part of life, let's not forget to appreciate our golden years in this earth.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involved with this charitable cause two years ago, when my sister told me she was contributing to the charity with her college friend. Her Friend, Sofia, has been organizing this amazing Christmas event for more than 200 elders for over a decade, with her family. My Family and me got involved and started collecting goods and presents for the event.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Six months prior to the event, we shared this cause with our friends and family, to collect goods and presents for the elders and the shelter. Also we look for artistic and musical groups to organize the best party ever, they love to dance, they await this event all year long. I also help in the logistics. My main duty is to collect rather goods, economic donations or contact groups who would like to donate their time to create the best ambiance that day. We invite our family and friends to participate because they appreciate so much company as a big family.

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