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General Incorporated Association TSUNAGARI (http://tsunagari-project.com)

  • By Orie Kamio · Japan, APEC


Orie Kamio

Main aim of the charity

TSUNAGARI was established by the person who was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Their aim is to contribute for disaster relief aids mainly in Japan. But they have also widened their action to abroad, re-building the school in Nepal after Nepal earthquake in 2015.

How the employee got involved and why

Soon after the attack by Faxai, I heard lots of news about devastating damage in Chiba. I immediately donated money and supplies via some friends who rushed to the scene. However, more I heard about the situation, my will to want to actually go there and give aids got stronger. However, local governments only accept experienced volunteers with special skills such as construction & restoration. With no volunteer experience or such skills, I almost gave up. But then, I found about General Incorporated Association TSUNAGRI, who has been working in Tateyama, Chiba from the day 4 after the typhoon struck Chiba and willingly accepts anyone who have desire to support the people in needs regardless of age, experience or skill. They offer tools, meals, accommodation and insurance and so on – anything you would need for working on the disaster-stricken area. I immediately booked the transportation to Tateyama for the long weekend with no hesitation.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Remove debris (roof tiles, windowpanes, furniture and garden trees) Clean up the mildew floors, walls and ceiling Remove drift depositions on the beach Interviewing the local people affected by disaster if there is anything we can help Registration of new volunteer staffs Storing the supplies for the volunteer staffs

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