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Disability · 01:21

help to Babanka orphanage school for children with special needs

  • By Olena Skyba · Ukraine, Europe


Olena Skyba

Main aim of the charity

to help children with special needs in Babanka Orphanage school

How the employee got involved and why

Our project has started several years ago and twice a year we are visiting Orphanage School for children with special needs located in Babanka, Cherkassy Region, Ukraine. This year we have decided to make something very special, something what would help to develop children’s physical capabilities.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We already have a tradition to make charity fairs and gathered funds for construction of sports playground. During its grand opening we had amazing master classes for making popcorn and cotton candies, entertainment with sweet drinks, fruits and pies. There was unforgettable bubble show and small gifts per each kid. It was really heart touching to see their sincere smiles and astonishment of those children who have never had such events in their lives ever before.

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