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Helping Hands Reaching Out Building Dreams

  • By Susanita Humphries · Canada, Americas


Helping Hands Reaching Out Building Dreams

Main aim of the charity

We are reaching out to the children in needs in our community. We are giving school supplies, slippers, feeding children and giving out groceries. We are hoping that someday we could offer scholarship to the deserving child. I am happy that we started this with three head counts volunteers and now has 15 to 20 volunteers who contributed their time for this cause.

How the employee got involved and why

I have been a generous giver and always get involved to make a difference. I do volunteers like raising funds for United way, baking goodies for a cause, raising funds for hurting colleague or kitchen volunteer. One of my heart warming experienced was when I raised monetary funds and non perishable goods for the victims of Super typhoon Haiyan, that hit the Philippines few years back. Through the help of DHL we were able to ship the non perishable goods to the typhoon victims in a certain community that was devastated. It was moving to see how grateful these victims were receiving those aids at a time, when they needed them most. I also used to send school supplies in boxes to be distributed to the needy children in our neighborhood in the Philippines. How I get involved with my charitable cause was when I went back home to the Philippines, I came across these young adults who have passion of climbing mountains to the peak (they planned and climb to the peak of the mountains in their list). They are the doer and I saw potential in them. I was in a conversation with the lead, and I had mentioned that I still have school supplies to be distributed to the children, and that “sparked a great conversation”. I found out, that we are of the same passion… of reaching out and help children and that was the time " Helping Hand, -Reaching out, -Building Dreams" was born.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I send them school supplies, sending them monetary funds and I served as an advisor. Even I am here in Canada I knew what activities are going on as we constantly communicating. Through video call and messages.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Oh my, I really wish we will win. We have so many plans and dreams, on how we can impact these children. We are hoping that we could offer scholarship to a deserving child. We have plans of getting children and parents involve in vegetable planting. We would like them not only to be a recipient, but also to guide them and their family to find ways to improve their living condition. I just love these group of young adults that I am involved with. I provide them ideas and advise, but they are the “doer” and executor of the plan. The Helping Hands, Reaching Out and Building Dreams take the action with fun and enthusiasm.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I felt something missing within me before I was involved with the charity group, but now I feel really happy when I am making a difference. I believe that each of us have a purpose of being here in this planet. We can reach out and find our purpose and make this world a better place to live in. As for me I felt joy within. I felt that I am drawn to my purpose.

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