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Helping TECI Village in the Yasawa Islands FIJI

  • By Emosi Sadrata · Australia, APEC


Emosi Sadrata

Main aim of the charity

My name is Emosi Sadrata and I am originally from the North Western side of the Fijia Yasawa Islands. I come from a small Village called Teci. It is a remote Fijian village with approximately 300 people residing there. I am one of 8 children and my family remains back in Fiji and I live in Sydney Australia. I grew up in Lautoka which is a small city near Nadi; I would go back and forth to the village of Teci with my family in between my schooling times. I spent many times in the village and it is a huge part of who I am today. I moved to Norfolk Island in 2010 as I was offered a job opportunity to start a small café on the island, this was a hard decision for me as it meant moving away from my three daughters who would remain in Fiji until I had my life set up on Norfolk Island. This was the opportunity I needed in my life though so that I could leave Fiji and no longer live day to day and struggle the way I was in Fiji. I was working for around $2.50 per hour and my family lived with next to nothing. The opportunity for me to travel to Norfolk would change our lives. I moved to Norfolk Island and worked extremely hard, working two jobs and sending money back to my family back in Fiji. After 3 years I had saved enough money to bring my 3 daughters to Norfolk Island to live with me and for them to have a better education and live on the Island with me. My daughters excelled academically and got high marks in their schooling and they took part in many community activities on the island. At the end of 2016 I moved to Sydney with my daughters and my new partner and her son as my eldest daughter was going to begin her Nursing studies, we started a new life in Sydney and again we continued to work hard for our family. We look after my family back in Fiji and send money to them as much as possible and also do our best to help out the Village in Teci. In 2017 we welcomed our first SON and it was decided that we would travel to Teci in Fiji for his first birthday as it is a big deal for our first Boys birthday; this was the first time I had been back to Fiji in 7 years. In 2018 we all travelled to Fiji as a family for our son’s birthday and this is where that strong desire to help Teci came back to me. Whilst I have been able to help the village with small things like irrigation and water tanks the village is lacking in many areas and they are really struggling. They have limited power, limited running water and they live extremely basic. Where I would love to help and get help for is the small Teci School Bouwaqa primary, it has 56 students ranging from Kindergarten to grade 6. The school is very run down and they are in great need of help but receive very limited funding from the Fijian Government. Things that we established that they greatly needed help with were • Solar Panels & Inverter • Proper plumbing and flushing Toilets • Pens, Pencils, School Books, Reading Books, Paper, Paints, Learning Charts • A printer / Scanner / Copier • Internet Access & Computers so they can learn about the outside world • A sit down Lawn Mower ( The school staff currently hire a whipper snipper from Village chief using their own funds and whipper snip the entire school grounds on their time ) • A projector • Desks and Chairs • Carpets / Flooring • Books and materials for their small Library. It is empty they have no new learning materials. • A new Fijian Flag as the one they fly each day is old and torn I am doing this video to try and access some form of help for my small village back home as I can only do so much on my own. It is the most amazing place on earth and I would be forever grateful to share my story with you all and to be able to get some help on board. Whilst this is not a registered or set up CHARITY of yet i would love for it to become one and to be able to have access to help in providing ongoing care and assistance for the village.

How the employee got involved and why

I am from a small Village called Teci in Fiji, we recently traveled back to Fiji to the village in 2018 and i realized how much help the village and the small school of Bouwaqa Primary needs. The village consists of about 300 people and the school has 53 students ranging from kindergarten to year 6. Whilst i have done as much as i can personally to help the village i need more assistance in getting the school and village people what they need desperately. I want to help them and be involved in helping the village as it is my HOME and where i come from. It is not yet established as a "charity" itself but i would love assistance in setting up and ongoing help resource for the village.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I do my best to help out where i can personally, i send money regularly and have helped in getting irrigation systems and water tanks put into the village. I have assisted in funding for things such as bricks & building supplies for parts of the village. The school desperately needs funding for Plumbing in the toilets, solar panels, Computers, Internet access, learning materials, books, pencils/pens/paints, learning charts - books for their empty library. They need a lawn mower/whipper snipper to be able to keep the grounds clean. I have done my best to help where i can but greatly need assistance in helping the school more.

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