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Children & Young People · 01:15

I Volunteer

  • By Saron Addisu · Ethiopia, SSA


I Volunteer

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of I volunteer is to protect children and focus on positive behavior specially as a developing country citizen, and also by supporting them to go to school with out any shortage of school materials so that they can focus and learn and be a person with a dream.

How the employee got involved and why

Right after completing a higher level education and started the work life I realized that not everyone is born in to a life of opportunity and sometimes just the country we grow up in will dictate a life of hardship and poverty. Those of us that do live in countries where housing, education, safety and health care are basic and upheld rights have a responsibility to assist those that struggle for these things on a daily basis. So as an adult with opportunities I decided to contribute something to the society with my extra time, I tried to participate in different welfare activities while in campus as well as after graduating, but finally out of all different social affairs (Children, elders and prisoners)my heart was taken by the adorable and adventurous children with a bright future and filled with ability to impact globally. In fact the most important thing to change a country's future is to work on the coming generation, i.e ensuring that children are getting the right educational background.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We have selected a school Called “Destiny Future Academy” as a startup, for they have more than forty students that have given scholarships in the school, Where they live in very places around “ Gofa camp Addis Ababa”, these students need serious help in moral and ethical supports. We have prepared a class that help them to find their purpose , vision and to develop their skills. In all Saturday classes we have been giving them different trainings with our volunteers and different guests. Our volunteers were involving in playing with the students and giving them personal advises one to one with them. The students have snacks and soft drinks in all Saturday class break times. (Biscuits, burgers , soft drinks and waters were the menu).We believe that food and fun can make our mind active to understand different things well. “ i volunteer “ believe that this students need to have good meal and fun for their success. In the other day when the new fiscal year processed , We gave them education material to help their mind to be free of worries about their new year of school expense.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

It makes our dream true and help us to go through as it is a huge encouragement. “I volunteer has a plan to impact the school by giving continues assistance for the students on school support and material provision. We have a plan to start after school support to our students to give them meal and educational material for the semester. In our after school program we are preparing our volunteers to give frequent support in the week and to give lunch boxes for students who couldn't afford to have nutrient food. Winning will help us to achieve all the plans we have or it will be so helpful as a startup of the after school program.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

We use half of our time by finding and searching on how to get finical support to the program and to deal with people about sponsorship. Winning this offer will give us an other additional time to focus on our specific task. And also it will give rest for our mind not to worry about finding finical support. As we all are volunteer in and engaged with other responsibilities, Finding other support will give all to spent their time on only supporting the students in the other different ways.

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