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Inner City Ministry

  • By Kerry Matthews · South Africa, SSA


Kerry Matthews

Main aim of the charity

ICM known as Inner City Ministries was founded in April 2013 Registration No: 170-439 NPO. Their objective is to reach people who find themselves imprisoned by circumstances and / or self-destructive habits, which prevent them from living with hope and in freedom. Many people are on the streets without the ability or motivation to change their circumstances. ICM's aim is to enable our visitors through prayer, teaching, encouragement and practical examples of God's love and acceptance, to take the necessary steps to implement positive change in their lives. ICM's intentions are: * Sending evangelists out on designated streets to make contact with the homeless, befriending them and inviting them to attend the Thursday night gatherings. * Presenting a program every Thursday that incorporates a free meal, a bible based message that deals with relevant life issues and then followed up by small group discussions with time for questions, sharing and prayer. * We give the visitors opportunities to get involved in setting up the equipment, keeping the venue clean and tidying up at the end of the evening enabling them to actively participate, work as teams and share responsibilities. * Distributing donations i.e.: clothing, blankets, foods, toiletry items and bibles etc. * Refer people to safe houses/ organizations equipped to assist with shelter, abuse, addictions, prostitutions etc. * Facilitating and enabling attendance of courses that encourage spiritual growth with the end goal for those visitors to facilitate the program themselves passing on what they have learnt to new visitors.

How the employee got involved and why

I have been involved with the Children's Ministries at ICM, Kempton Park for the past 2 years and it brings so much joy seeing how the children have grown to love the Lord and share what they have learnt during the time of my teaching. Every Thursday when I arrive at the Ministries, I am overwhelmed with so much love from the children that they even stop eating their dinner just to come and get a hug from me.

What work does the employee do for charity?

• My involvement is with the Children’s Ministries whereby I support and build a solid foundation in the hearts of the many children who attend weekly, through bible lessons, activities and loving support. Our Thursday routine is to start off with prayer, watch a " Superbook" biblical story and then if time allows, colour in pictures based on the story shown. During the story and colouring in time, we give the girls in the group opportunities to be hairdressers playing with our hair whiles we sit quietly to watch the movie. This way we have quality time with the girls and get to discuss the movie. The little boys end up sitting on our laps or even asking to play with our hair as well. Most of the time they surprise us with telling us what happens in the story before it even ends. The Children’s Ministries host approximately 50 children between the ages of 3 - 13 and we facilitate in tents on the premises. Angie, Anome and myself teach the 3 - 9 year old children (boys and girls), Bronwyn and Kobus teach the 9 - 12 year old children (boys and girls). The 13 year old children get to experience the message given in the hall with the adult visitors and break up into small groups whereby the youth leaders share and teach from the word / message presented.

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