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Lil Brave Hearts Playhouse

  • By ARLENE LENDIO - DE LEON · Philippines, The, APEC


Lil Brave Hearts Playhouse

Main aim of the charity

Li'l Brave Hearts is a support group of parents of children with down syndrome. They raise funds to help the surgical, medical and nutritional needs of indigent kids with down syndrome with no financial capacity to fund the needs of their children.

How the employee got involved and why

It was 14 years ago when my son was diagnosed with intestinal problem and was confined in a public hospital (Philippine General Hospital) for two weeks for operation. During that time we were so down and our financial status was not healthy. All we can do is to pray to God to help us and give 2nd life to my 1st born child. Our prayers has been answered, and as commitment to God, we promised to give back to less fortunate children with down syndrome, kids with cancer and street children which I witnessed when we were in the hospital. We know that we are not rich but my passion to help is always in my heart and giving back to the community is always part of me and my family's plan. Me and my husband has been into charity as we feel that in our own way, we can help people. Every year, we choose to celebrate our birthdays in our chosen foundation, it gives us comfort and happiness because we know that our simple act will bring smile on their faces. For the last 14 years, this has been my advocacy and this program of DHL would really help me to bring it to the next level. I will continue to work on more projects and influence others to help and share their blessings on their own little ways. I always believe that "it's better to give than to receive".

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am responsible in organizing the activities in every charity/foundation that we chose to help. We normally invite family, friends and colleagues to join and raise funds that we can use to organize the program. I am also in charge in coordinating it to the management of the charity. Whenever we celebrate our birthdays, we ensure that we have games for everyone and food that they can enjoy. We also give necessity stuffs such as: formula milk, diapers, wipes, cotton, alcohol, toiletries etc.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

This would be a big help financially to fund for their medications/operations, food supplies, transportation for hospital check up.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

It will give me more opportunity to influence, help and extend many lives through this winning. It will also make me more proud that my company has the same vision and passion like what I do.

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