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Mittetulundusühing Tango de Maret

  • By Maret  Laanes · Estonia, Europe


Maret  Laanes

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of the organised cultural activites is to reduce polarization between different ethnical groups and increase tolerance

How the employee got involved and why

For me it all started with the sounds of one Argentine tango by Juan D´Arienzo at 2002. During my first visit to Argentina in 2008 I understood that there is so much more interesting involved, in tango and besides it in Argentina and in the whole region. By 2012 my passion for Latin American culture had grown to an extent I wanted to share it with other people, my people, with Estonians. By that time I had also understood that the fastest way to the people´s heart is through art - music, literature, cinema, visual arts. Through art you can educate people to accept and enjoy the differences between different cultures, broaden the way they see and interpret the world, be more tolerant in a more and more culturally polarizing society.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am organizing cultural events, to put it short. Exceptionally with the focus on Latin America. Talks, art exhibitions, small concerts, movie nights. I do everything by myself, from the idea until the cleaning up after the events. I work closely in cooperation with the embassies - Argentina, Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay, Peru as well as Spanish language schools in Tallinn and my personal Latin friends., Everything is organised on voluntary bases and the event s are free of charge for the public.

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