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  • By Norazlie Jaudin · Malaysia, APEC


Norazlie Jaudin

Main aim of the charity

To buy more provision for these animals, or establish a NGO and build a small animal shelter near my home to house these stray cats and dogs with the hope that I can give a better life to them. Hopefully this would give me the avenue and platform to develop into a more sustainable practice and hopefully this would be a springboard to get more volunteers to join my charitable cause.

How the employee got involved and why

My father was a veterinarian when he was working. Since I was young, my father has always taught my siblings and I to take care of stray animals such as cats and dogs that we see on the streets or anywhere we see them. As my father taught me, these are creatures of God and as humans we have the responsibility to protect and care for these abandoned animals. Even a small action such as feeding these animals, giving them water to drink or giving them shelter, it would have a profound impact to these animals. Hence the mindset and habit have been instilled in me since I was a young kid and it is something I continue to practice now.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I feed cats and dogs that I see on the streets. I always have a pack of animal food, or extra bottle of water with me wherever I go. When the opportunity is available I would feed the cats and dogs I see on the streets. Perhaps it is my natural instinct, I can always sense and feel that the animals are calling out to me asking for help. And their body language or voice would often sound of distress which makes me vigilant and alert towards animals calling out to me for help.

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