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National Orpanage Aid Zambia (NOAZ)

  • By McProsper Simbeye · Zambia, SSA


National Orpanage Aid Zambia (NOAZ)

Main aim of the charity

We are aiming at helping vulnerable children in Schools. This could be direct to the child or indirect by improving the facilities at their schools.

How the employee got involved and why

The Organisation is a registered Christian Faith based charitable. I was introduced by Dr. Alick Siame , Mrs Juliet Siame and Bishop Frazer Chipesha (MHSRIP). When I saw how these three people were helping Schools using their own pocket money and not in a well legalised way (legally registered) I assisted them to Register a charitable organisation called National Orphanage Aid Zambia(NOAZ). I played a big role on registration. It is now fully registered Organisation in which I am a Board Secretary. The Top Three are Permanent member as vision carriers while my position is based on elections every after four years according to the constitution. They are other positions on Board but based on elections.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am responsible for all Logistics. The registration and the office have been found in Lusaka. The organisation has been donating second hand clothes, Desks and they facilitated in drilling one bole whole in one School within Lusaka Zambia.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

we want to expand this noble work to the whole Zambia. I would want us to finish the secretariat where most of donations from different donners should be centered before distributions. The work is already going on. God willing the help should first be extended to solwezi ( another district in Zambia)where some contacts are already going on. When I win this competition we will start with one school in Lusaka by possibly making pit latrines in remote areas or building a class room depending on the amount won.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I could feel the Gods call has been full filled. This would encourage me to work extra hard with the company. I would also be happy to see my company helping out their. If DHL allows me I would even have a live show on a national Television Channel.

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