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Disability · 01:28


  • By ANNETTIA BENNETT-ATKINSON · Jamaica, Americas



Main aim of the charity

to reachall disabled persons in Portmore and its environs. Some of the work done in the community includes: Home/ Hospital Visit Motivational talks in schools Wheelchair repairs Job placement & Skill training

How the employee got involved and why

I became involved with the Organization for over five years. I learnt about Bridgette, owner of PSDO when i was reading an article in the Gleaner newspaper where she was pleading for help for the disabled community. In the article she also mentioned that not enough was being done for the disabled community in Portmore which drew my attention as an events planner to reach out to her to find out how i can offer my service. It was while speaking with her she said that she has gotten promises and no one came through for her, but i told her that as an event organizer i will offer my service at no charge, so from there i organized a football match to help raise funds for her company. The football match was a success, however, enough money wasn't raised but they had a wonderful time knowing that the event was done in their honour. Things then started to grow from there between Bridget and I. She then invite me to become a Director which i agree and ever since i have been a member of the board.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Because my background is events planner, she requested for me to help raise funds for the organization.

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