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Pure Love Ministries & Project Wy

  • By Tui  Luamanu · New Zealand, APEC


Tui  Luamanu

Main aim of the charity

The aim of Pure Love is to help those in need in the community and remind them that there are people out here willing to help when they are ready to open up. We have teamed up with government organizations to offer support in areas that we can't like drug & alcohol counseling, clothing, etc. We aim to bring hope to those who don't have it anymore. The aim of Project Wy is to get disadvantaged children to get out of their community and show them that there is more to life than what they are used to. We go into local schools and take them on field trips, assist with applications in to higher decile schools, and just be there as suuport.

How the employee got involved and why

The cause is supported by the church I attend. My wife and I are passionate about helping our communities especially young people through a mentoring program, the homeless and the unfortunate in our communities we help with practical assistance. We believe we are very blessed and would like to bless others too and we love our communities.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We help our communities with food for the homeless but we also provide community services in budgeting, counseling and drug and alcohol recovery programs. Apart from this we are involved in the mentoring program called Project Wy. This is for high caliber students from South Auckland. We provide them with an opportunity to attend a boot camp style training twice a week along with their parents. The students also get to participate in the two major sporting events - Rotorua Quarter Marathon and Rotorua Tough Guy / Gal Challenge to help build resilience and achieve their goals. They also get to attend tours of the War Memorial, City Art Gallery, AUT and University of Auckland to show them the opportunities and possibilities that are available to them. At the end of the program, they graduate with certificates and celebrated with their friends and families

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