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Elderly People · 02:34

Red Cross organization

  • By Ausre Savickaite · Lithuania, Europe


Red Cross organization

Main aim of the charity

The issue of loneliness has become a mass phenomenon in Lithuania. Once of three people over 65 live alone. Some old people do not leave home all year round. According to psychologists, people who live alone are much more likely to develop depression, feel unnecessary, uninteresting and forgetful. To address this issue, we have created the "Warm Visit" program. It is designed for single people, mainly older people, who rarely leave their homes due to health and other barriers and who have no close circle of people.

How the employee got involved and why

Anele lost her daughter 15 years ago. Not long after she lost her husband too. Of course, she has a son, but he lives in Ireland for many many years and calls her very rarely. Her body reacted to stress in its own way. Therefore, Anele can not longer walk on her own for a couple of years and she requires constant care. Lonely people are very carrying. She always offers to have a dinner together or have some tea with dark chocolate. Recently, she asked a social worker, who brings her food twice a week, to buy her fish oil and said: "Maybe I will be stronger and able to walk on my own". She is always in a good mood and says "Being grumpy won't do any good". She not only talks about herself, but also asks about me. She is interested in my love life. Even though she cant not walk on her own, she is always elegant and takes care of her diet. Sometimes, she asks me to say how much she weights and then decides if she can enjoy a dessert. Her hope is prayer. She prays every day. Before leaving, she gives a strong hug and says "God bless you". My grandmother died long time ago, but I feel that I have a new family member.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Anele is one of 220 lonely people on Lithuania, who requires attention. Once a week I visit her and we spend time together. Sometimes we go for a walk outside. Anele is unable to walk on her own, therefore she waits me as a miracle, which gives her life some joy.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

I would give money to my grandmother to improve her household. I would buy her a good spotlight, because she wake up often at night and always stumbles. She is afraid to get injure. We would definitely go to buy dark chocolate and go for a meal at her favourite cafe. We would donate some money to church, because Anele is very religious and every month she donates some of her pension to church. Also, we would organize a dinner for all people and volunteers in the program. I would give the remaining money to her, so she could decide what she wants to do with it.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

This friendship gave me so much already. I understood that it is very important to feel needed and have someone to lean on, share happy moments. I understood that you have to appreciate small things, feel joy, and appreciate what you have in every moment of your life. This wining will be as a reminder to help others, who is in need, to be hope and belief in someone's life.

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