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Disability · 01:13

Reit-Therapie-Zentrum Weisser Bogen e.V.

  • By Angela Rybak · Global and Europe Head Office (GHO/EHO), Europe


Angela Rybak

Main aim of the charity

Animal-assisted therapy for mentally and/or physically disadvantaged people from childern to elderly people. The association was founded 45 years ago improving life and health conditions in the area of Cologne and surrounding for people with various special needs (e.g. autistic people, down syndrome, stroke patients)

How the employee got involved and why

My hobby is riding and I joined a stable a few years ago with primary focus on horse riding therapy where horses are active part of treatments for people with special needs. My horse is one of the most reliable partners we have and together with professional therapists we make people having a best day every day, forgetting about challenges in normal life for a while and helping to improve or stabilize health.

What work does the employee do for charity?

The horse is part of sessions with patients several times a week and I am supporting as volunteer in my spare time. This involves all kind of activities from leading/accompanying (some patients cannot keep the balance themselves) to integrative events and social activities.

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