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Resala NGO

  • By Omar Hassan · Egypt, MENA


Resala NGO

Main aim of the charity

Our partner in this project is Resala NGO, one of biggest and most popular NGOs around Egypt, they have many programs that helps many people in different Egyptian governorates, founded since 1999 with more than two hundred thousand volunteer and 60 branches. Official website: https://resala.org/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Resala.org/

How the employee got involved and why

It all started when I first came to DHL as whenever I printed a paper I saw piles of paper thrown in the bin because they were printed incorrectly, saw I thought that maybe this paper in to go green or even benefit from it, and after asking all around the facility I knew that we were donating extra papers but not in a regular form or a in system that guarantees sustainability. And one day I was having a meeting with Resala (partner) for a blood donation cause and she mentioned that they can get donations of paper to be sold and recycled later and with that money we can chose any type of donation like building ceilings, Prostheses, hear aid, or even supplying some rural areas with clean water. After that I asked how much we can donate monthly and at first I thought it was just about the paper on the printer but actually I discovered that there is a huge amount of paper that was thrown away daily.

What work does the employee do for charity?

After checking that the amount of paper that we will donate and agreed with the operations to use part of the warehouse to shred the paper to guarantee that there is no confidential information appearing, after wards the paper is given to our partner (Resala) monthly where we weight the paper shredded paper and count the number of bags keeping record for each month and on average of 170 to 200 kilo grams per month.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

This initiative is under the umbrella of the GO Green pillar, as instead of throwing the paper away to be piles of garbage or even burnt leading to air pollution and diseases, the paper go through the recycling process where it can be used once again decreasing the pollution, on the long run less trees to be cut for using it in the paper manufactory and helping people. After collecting the paper from different departments as agreed with the cleaning service company, the paper is moved to the storage are to be shredded later by the help of one of DHL’s warehouse worker (3am Khaled), then monthly it’s donated to our partner to sell it and to be recycled and with the money generated we choose a certain to donate when we collect a ton as the ton equals approximately 2.5 to 3.5 thousand Egyptian pound which could get us either one hear aid or one of prostheses per ton.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

As being part of the society, I will be rewarded whenever I can make things better for people around me, help the environment, help my company go green, and finally make people's lives better; that's my biggest reward.

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