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  • By PRISCILLA Pimentel · Brazil, Americas



Main aim of the charity

Rizoma's legacy is the socia-emotional education. We teach values for life, preparing children for a better future. Values as empathy, cooperation, learning how to del with emotions and respect for diversity prepare children to perform better in the world outside of school and their parents home. Children are our future, we are focused on preparation of those children to the real world. We easily can see the positive changes on children behaviour and we also have their parents feedback about the improvements.

How the employee got involved and why

I was seeking for a social project where I can be able to add value to people in vulnerable situation and, at the same time, to measure the improvement and impact of the project on those people lives. At Base Colaborativa, I ‘ve met good people, brilliantly specialized with deep knowledge in social projects and 3rd sector, giving their contribution to a better world. RIZOMA is one of the projects from Base Colaborativa and the one I choose to work with, due to the children's love and spontaneity. RIZOMA = RHIZOME, the name given to bamboo's stem which has horizontal growth and network expansion, as our project is.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Rizoma is a project of socio-emotional education for children from “Portelinha” community, based in the Capão Redondo-SP. We teach values for life as: empathy, autonomy, conflict resolution, resilience, cooperation, sharing , preparing children to be more confident and to build a better future. Our activities take place every Monday evening, with planning meetings where all volunteers discuss about last Sunday activity and plan the next. On Sunday mornings, practices of the activities take place at Portelinha community from 11am to 1pm. During 2019 we also introduced learning sessions activities on Saturdays in ou calendar. We also perform extra activities with cultural purpose for children and events to reach new volunteers and sponsors.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

To be recognized by a global corporation as DHL, is fantastic to Rizoma's project and also to Base Colaborativa Organization, it will improve our credibility, visibility, and our power to reach new volunteers and sponsorships. In case of DHL funds donation, it will support us as following: to buy the materials needed to perform our activities; to mantain our teachers in the project; to keep training new volunteers, to expand to new communities

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I will be sure that I on the right track, and that all the work and efforts over the past year has paid off. Knowing that I’m influencing and inspiring other people's lives is very rewarding and I want to continue inspiring those people.

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