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Shanghai Cihui Foundation

  • By chen zhang · China, China


chen zhang

Main aim of the charity

“Xibuzhuxue program” brings poor students in western China subsides to maintain their education opportunity. “Zhumengchengzhang program” aims to improve the students’ comprehensive quality, escort their growth.

How the employee got involved and why

“Chunhuaqiushi”, which is a public welfare program, belongs to Cihui Foundation. It has two subprojects, one is “Xibuzhuxue program”, the other is “Zhumengchengzhang program”. In 2018, my friend introduced me to jion in the orgnization and I started work as a Volunteer

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am working in Ci Rong Team of Cihui Foundation. The main work of our team is to organize project publicity and some voluntary and irregular donation.

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