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  • By NICHOLAS WHITE · United Kingdom, Europe



Main aim of the charity

Disaster relief. Shelterbox provides essential equipment needed to keep people alive after any form of event, anywhere in the world, with a very quick response.

How the employee got involved and why

I'm a member of a Rotary Club in my home town & this is one of the international Rotary projects the club supports. (I was unable to get a contractor/staff number in time to submit this, I've been a contractor supporting DHL aircraft for over 6 years & have been told I can submit an entry)

What work does the employee do for charity?

Throughout the year we do various events to raise funds for the club, and from them we normally buy at least 1 Shelterbox. It is a fantastic project, it provides immediate relief to people in need, often providing within 24 hours of any disaster immediate shelter & equipment to keep people alive. As it's run and organised by a Rotary Club in the UK the overheads are low, it is based in Cornwall & has no expensive office in central London. Most of the work is done by volunteers. It also uses the international Rotary network to distribute the aid, occasionally being able to get aid into countries where the other aid agencies are delayed in providing support. We have a display box which we take to schools in the town where we've done fundraising with them, helping them to buy a box. The boxes having numbers on them so they could be tracked by the school. The children have packed the box in assemblies, making them aware of what is essential for a family to survive. The box contains equipment required to keep a family/10 people alive after they've lost everything, from displacement by war, tsunami, earthquake, flooding, etc. In the box is a tent, water purification equipment, a stove, blankets, cooking & eating items, tools & children's items. All are designed for purpose. The blankets are nylon backed to resist water, the stove can run on paint & the water purification equipment can be used like a straw in a puddle of water.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

One of the great things about rotary is whilst being away from home you are always welcome at any club to visit. Whilst supporting a DHL 767 in New Zealand last year I attended another Rotary club meeting where one of the Shelterbox responders was giving a presentation to the club. Talking to her afterwards she said she smiled when she saw the yellow aircraft arrive. (she is one of the people sent to a disaster area to co-ordinate the response) I've been with DHL for over 6 years & always hoped at some point DHL and shelter box would be able to link up, both have a similar aim. Both are international, efficient, cost effective, and involve getting things to people on time. Excellence delivered indeed!

What impact would winning have on the employee?

It would be fantastic for DHL to buy a box, what I'd hope for though is as the charity is so close to DHL in what it aims to do I hope that DHL would look at Shelterbox as a long term partner it would be able to support. Bringing the display box to DHL locations would let people see what the company is supporting, and how good the charity is. The boxes have the Rotary & Shelterbox logo on it, I'd love to see the yellow & red DHL logo on the boxes as well. Having the DHL company network supporting them in any way would be a perfect match.

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