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Disability · 01:25

Special Education Class of Rosario, West, Central School (Batangas)

  • By Tito Jeffrey Abag · Philippines, The, APEC


Tito Jeffrey Abag

Main aim of the charity

To enable us to provide them things that may help with their education, overcome their physical and behavioral difficulties and help their families to realize that they are not alone. Make other realized to love and respect all (PWD) person with disability .

How the employee got involved and why

My advocacy of helping others led me the way to find this group of special children. It breaks my HEART whenever I see children suffering from physical and mental disabilities. It is probably in my DNA to help others. At times when I don't have the means to help them financially. I always see to it that I offer prayers for them.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I have been helping them for a couple of years by organizing feeding program and gift giving activities specially during Christmas. I always make sure that I allocate and save a certain amount of money that I will use in buying foods, toys and school supplies for the children.

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