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Spolecnost Pro Ranou Peci (Society for early care)

  • By Jiri Zakopal · Czech Republic, Europe


Spolecnost Pro Ranou Peci (Society for early care)

Main aim of the charity

The main aim is to provide help and support to families in hard life situation. If a child with visual impairment is born and if you use corect visual stimulation methods, there is a high chance of improvement in childs vision. It is really challenging situation for the parents, so the advisors of the organization do not work with the child only, but they support the parents - they provide them psychological support, teach them how to deal with the social part of the situation etc.

How the employee got involved and why

One of my friends works for the organization (Spolecnost Pro Ranou Peci - SPRP) and told me everything about what the organization does for a families to which child with visual impairment was born. And it really touched my heart as it must be so hard for the whole family to have a child, who have problems with vision and cannot see properly how wonderful this world can be. But when the child gets correct visual stimalation there is a high chance of improving his vision! And this is the job of specially trained advisors of the SPRP. Since I cannot help theese families directly as advisor (I don´t have necessary education) I decided to help via fundraising and help manually on their fundraising events.

What work does the employee do for charity?

SPRP is non-profit organization and everything they do is paid from grants or from sponzor money. So I help with the fundraising part. I help at events, for example Family days for families with disabiled child, I help at charity runs etc. Me and my colleagues from DHL did several charity breakfasts in our office - we had cooked meal at home, brought it to work and every one in the office could buy some delicious breakfast. Money, which we raised, were given to the organization. Or lately I arranged selling of advent calendars among colleagues from DHL Express Czech republic. Together we sold over 120 of these calendars and raised some money for the SPRP. Every euro counts!

What impact would winning have on the charity?

The impact would be enormous, since this non-profit organization is mainly dependet on grants and money from sponzors any amount of money is huge help for them. The organization would be able to buy more compensatory equipment which they provide to the children and their families. And they would be able to invest into further training of their employees. I´ve been helping SPRP for 3 years now and I will continue doing this as it meaningful thing to do. And I believe that DHL can be part of it as well. DHL already helped last year - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Let´s continue with this togother!

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I would be so proud that I am part of this amazing company, DHL Express, which is ready to help to make others people's lives better!

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