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Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Childrens Home Inc

  • By GENESIS CASULLA · Philippines, The, APEC



Main aim of the charity

The main objective is to build strong relationship and camaraderie of the team, to suppor the children in need. To make a difference in people’s life.

How the employee got involved and why

It was 2017 when I joined DHL and I was oriented that conducting CSR activity is part of our EOS Action Plan. We proposed an activity but unfortunately, it did not pushed through after the initial discussion. However, the team I was with has brought additional discussions for another activity in EOS 2018 and it was also the time when I was nominated to lead this activity. The experiences I had in conducting CSR as part of my role in my previous job made it easy for me to take this task. The commitment I have to these charitable causes stems from my advocacy even outside the work environment - I have been enlisted as reserve personnel of the Phil Air Force Reserve; thus, CSR activities are what I always look forward to doing. This passion even ties itself with my other hobbies like that of the car club I am a part of. The Mitsubishi Lancer car club is very active in doing CSR activities and I’m heavily involved in leading such activities with them. The Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Childrens Home Inc. is one of the identified beneficiaries for this activity. We chose this Organization specifically because it is a non-government organization working with abandoned, neglected, foundling and surrendered children. It was founded by the late couple, Reylindo and Myrna Ortega on December 2006. Their mission is to serve God and bring Christ to the lives of this precious children and this is what inspired me to contribute more to their cause as an individual and as a leader who leads others to contribute as well.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Prior to becoming the person in charge in CSR activities, I wanted to promote good camaraderie within our Team. To help us promote this goal, we conducted a few activities that mainly focused on team gatherings or fellowships, such as group or team breakfast, lunch, and movie night after office hours. Moreover, we set out into doing non-standard activities like Lazer Tag just to add a level of variety. I've seen the bond and relationships being built and established within my team because of these activities. Not only that, we learn to have a kind of mindset that we all can work AS ONE and accomplish more together. I have already aligned our CSR activities to DHL's Go Green Program. We've launched the "Bottle for a Cause" in the middle of April 2019 to raise funds for the Orphanage. We we're able to collect 19bags of empty bottles weighing 52kgs and the activity this has supported was very successful. Everyone enjoyed in the event and seeing joy in the eyes of the kids and volunteers made all the activities worthwhile.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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