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Taiwan Immigration Bureau

  • By Collin Lai · Taiwan, APEC


Collin Lai

Main aim of the charity

Supporting and providing help to new inhabitants of Taiwan

How the employee got involved and why

Since my wife is also from other country, becoming a new inhabitant of Taiwan after getting married with me, I know how hard she tried to fit in to the local culture which is totally different from where she used to live and grew up. Hence, I wish to provide help to those who have the same situation as my wife, and try my best to help provide a more friendly living environment to them.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am the editor of a book which collects the stories from new inhabitants of Taiwan, including their new life in Taiwan and the efforts they made to try to fit in to this new country. Starting from interview, and following by wording checking and reviewing, I took part in the whole process for the "new birth" of the book.

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