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Team Rynkeby - Kids with Cancer

  • By Barnie Koen · Denmark, Europe


Barnie Koen

Main aim of the charity

Children with cancer foundation - create experiences and time off from the sickness for the sick children and their families. - makes council groups for siblings, friends, teachers, families. - supports research projects aiming at cancer for children.

How the employee got involved and why

Coming from a family where cancer took the life of members of my family, I realized how short and valuable life is. In Team Rynkeby we cycle for kids with critical deceases like cancer, here i can do something for kids that are less fortunate and give something back to these kids and their families. Apart from just giving something to less fortunate kids, I also increase my own health by cycling regularly and stay "fit to lead in the workplace". I am a father of triplet daughters and this is also my way of saying thank you that my kids are healthy.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am cycling with team Rynkeby Holbæk from Denmark to Paris in July 2020 (1400 km in a week) From September till July we train both on the roads as well as in the training center . I'm part of the training planning team. Throughout the year we spend at lot of time searching for sponsors, as well as arranging events and participating in them, all with the aim to collect money for kids with terminal ill diseases . Examples for events include; golf-day, port wine tasting, working at concerts, cycling events etc. we also arrange school runs both to raise money, but also to speak to kids at schools to create awareness of critical ill diseases and how it impacts these sick kids and their families

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