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The Cavy Cottage

  • By Julz Mackintosh · Australia, APEC


Julz Mackintosh

Main aim of the charity

The Cavy Cottage is a Guinea Pig rescue and adoption centre. The welfare and education of The Guinea Pig ( Cavy )

How the employee got involved and why

I adopted 2 gorgeous lil piggies Miffy and Maple 2yrs ago. I went into The Cavy Cottage to see what they do. They had everything for Guinea Pigs. I became a regular customer. One Saturday I walked in and it was full of customers and piggies. I put my bag down and started helping bagging food and helping serve customers. I had 2 weeks annual leave and I spent a week at The Cavy, and that’s what started me volunteering every Saturday. I asked Jacinta the owner if I could come every Saturday. And I’ve been doing that for a year and half. I help out on Sundays during school holidays and I spend half my annual leave at The Cavy Cottage 💖

What work does the employee do for charity?

A typical day is first up wAtering, feeding and making sure all resident piggies are ok, (health check) I bag up feed and hay. I help all the people who come in with their piggies. We have a Piggy Spa where we do bathing, nail trim, hair cuts and worming. I do adoptions, this is my favourite thing to do. Is match piggies with future owners. Education is very important at The Cavy. We educate people on how to care for these beautiful lil creatures. How to house, feed, water, and how to interact with their Guineas. I also help with the younger volunteers and I help train them with all the tasks we do and most importantly how adopt guineas out. The training of education is very important for the younger volunteers. The Cavy Cottage consists of the owner Jacinta and a team of volunteers only. We do rescues. We went out to a farm last year, there was 65+ Guinea pigs running wild. We caught them all took them back to Cavy. Medical checked, bathed, wormed, pregnancy checked, nails clipped and housed in clean hutches with plenty of hay. We finitely at 12.30am that morning. It was so tiring but so rewarding. Last year The RSPCA seized 200+ gunieaa from a breaders garage. I was on my way to RSPCA Wacol with. Car load of goodies donated by Cavy and DHL CS Peeps. I got a call from Jacinta, RSPCA called they wanted to know if The Cavy could take some piggies to house and adopt. I drove down with a car full of supplies and drove home with a car full of piggies!!

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