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The First Animal Shelter in Iraq !




Main aim of the charity

The aim of my charitable cause is to help saving and sheltering stray animals who need care and attention. The cause is facing a number of difficulties in doing so, and such is the poor recognition of our community of respecting animals rights or showing sympathy and compassion towards them. Where animals rights are fairly admitted and respected, this will eventually elevate the level of the realization of animal rights in general. This shelter has just recently came into affect, but it carries a number of effective goals that are essential to be met in order to have a more developed community by for example: raising awareness within the younger generation on how to kindly treat animals, and offering the government better solutions on how to control the over-population of stray animals in a more merciful way, rather than restoring to the classic ways of doing so by either poisoning or shooting them. This is considered as a main long term goal.

How the employee got involved and why

I have been always passionate and emotionally attached to dogs. In 2005, I was only 11 when I rescued “Lucy” a 2 years old white poodle. She was walking around the streets looking for food and a safe place to settle. With the help of my father, we managed to take her home, where she became a beloved member of our family for the next 11 years. Lucy has strengthened my passion towards dogs. She taught me everything I needed to start this path. I started my journey giving attention to stray dogs, provide them with food & water, medical care, and foster homes. After a period of time, I engaged with a group of animal lovers and for 3-4 years, as a team, we were able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats who got adopted inside and outside of Iraq. Unfortunately, in October 2016, I lost Lucy to a disease that no veterinary in the northern region could find a cure for due to poor knowledge and lack of medical equipment and supplements at that time, and I wasn’t financially able to travel with her outside of Iraq to get her the medical care she needed. Even though I felt broken and hopeless that I couldn’t help my own beloved one, it always felt like a responsibility to try to rescue and help as many animals in need as I possibly could. Therefore, I want to dedicate this to the memory of Lucy for strengthening my passion and pushing me further with my journey. Animals of Kurdistan shelter has been a dream for me to see in my city Erbil. With facing many security and cultural restrictions and obstacles, (Ms. Dunya – the founder of Animals of Kurdistan Shelter) was finally able to accomplish this goal. In this place, I’m able to reach animals in need and help them with everything I possibly can.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Donating financial aid. Other than that, and through my contacts, I am reaching out to people who are able and would be interested to foster and adopt.

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