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The Little Warriors (de kleine strijders)

  • By Gunther Van Hemelryck · Belgium, Europe


The Little Warriors (de kleine strijders)

Main aim of the charity

Helping children and their family's to make their stay in the hospital as pleasant as can be

How the employee got involved and why

A former classroom friend gave birth to 2 lovely twin girls about 3 years ago. After 1 month they were exited to go home from the hospital and enjoy their beautiful girls, but at that time the doctors discovered something that was not quit right with one of their baby's. While one was doing fine, the other little baby called Maartje suffered with some medical problems with her hart. So instead of going home it was directly to the operation quarters, without knowing she would survive. Her recovery took 2 months, but none the less she had to be in surgery again once more. Again the fight to survive, again a recovery period of months. Whilst the doctors always mentioned that the change to survive was very small, this little girl became a little warrior and survived! In the meanwhile there was also Lise, the little baby sister, who needed attention, caring and loving by her parents... She was taking home, back again to the hospital with her parents, back home, back to the hospital and so on... Now, both beautiful girls are home and both are doing fine, their parents took everything what they went through and started an organization called : The Little Warriors. Their aim is to provide a helping hand to parents, brothers, sisters,family... that are going through what they have experienced. So this period in hospital when you should be enjoying your moments with your family can be as pleasant as it has to be. How? By providing some very necessary things like, comfortable beds, a seat... but also for the little ones like a playing area, stuffed animals,... So every help is required and that's why they started The Little Warriors, so that every child can be a child (this is their slogan)

What work does the employee do for charity?

To help them to raise some money for them, I walked together with the parents of Maartje and a bunch of friends 100km on 9th august. This was during a famous event in Belgium called ' Dodentocht' , translated as a Deadmarch. 100km in 24 hours. Family, friends and others (DHL colleagues) showed their hart by sponsoring us and we collected 6000€ by this action for the organization. Of course this cannot be the end, the organization is just at the start of everything.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

As I said, they just started and with the first raised money, for now there is only one hospital they can provide with all the goods and stuff. But one hospital is not enough..... They would like to make sure that everyone in Belgium can rely on their organization.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I already felt like 'winning' by making a difference during the walk , where you have to have a never giving up mentality, just like Maartje and all the little warriors.. And of course the amount we have raised for them. I would feel really proud that my company, where I'm one of the family for more than 20 years, can also be able to make a difference !!!

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