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Children & Young People · 01:40

The Queendom

  • By Neliswa Thusini · South Africa, SSA


Neliswa Thusini

Main aim of the charity

I aim to help spread awareness to respect them and do my very best to make people aware and realize the true strength of the female gender. And become future visionaries and leaders. To stop isolation of women from each other. Be able to reduce poverty, reduce risk of child morality and ble to influence their future

How the employee got involved and why

The Queendom was launched in October 2018...and is already making waves. I was still a student at varsity in those days, I had all these dreams about what I wanted my life to be and all these amazing goals, but here I was not being able to get support,empowerment,drive and lack of resources and knowledge. When I looked around the community lot of young women had lost touch of themselves. I began to think if I feel this way ,there must be others who do too. With this linking, I then decided to start a "Women Empowerment Group called The Queendom". I wanted to create an intimate space where women could gather to network and share resources,inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones and move towards them.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I conduct workshops where we empower back the lack of confidence, and lack of independency. I share my journey , life stories and challenges I have overcome. I also participate in business mentoring and coaching each individuals.

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