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To Help SOS village kids be more involved in society, that maybe when they will grow, they will remember that there is good things in life as well.

  • By Artis Dzenis · Latvia, Europe


Artis Dzenis

Main aim of the charity

Main aim is to bring them in public/society, that these kinds know that there is not only horrible things in life, but as well good things, kids can see what the world can give to them in only you think positive. Educate them, that if you will try your best you will have possibility to make changes in your life. This is critical, to these kind to change their mindset from worst to best.

How the employee got involved and why

Hello, This was my dream for a while now. I always wanted to make possible project where I could bring kids from SOS villages to race car event. This year some how stars come together and it happened in September this year. Race car events is always expensive, not only entrance tickets, but as well food at the event. My cause was to give opportunity to see the highest level of race event. Why, because these kids have earned this opportunity. These kids is having a tuff time in their life's.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I owned this project, I did all necessary steps to get this done. first: I got in touch with this event owners (organizers), to ask for free tickets. I had a meeting with them few times, as they ware asking as well, what will be the outcome of this. After discussion event owner give this possibility. second: I had to ask SOS villages directors, do they agree with this and will they have change to let these children to come to this event. Of course it was a success. (there was a lot of emails, calls) third: I asked DHL to approve food expenses, his was again, communication with NetOps Director, submitting costs to Roy Hughe. Showing the cause of this, etc, and Roy approved. Forth: some souvenirs to kids was possible to give as well. Again, submitting request of them, waiting for approval and sending emails.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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