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  • By Nthati  Phakoe · Lesotho, SSA


Nthati  Phakoe

Main aim of the charity

To raise awareness on Depression and other mental disorders , and to to be a bridge that directs the affected towards psychologists and psychiatrists so that they get treatment and care.

How the employee got involved and why

I have suffered from Bipolar, Frontal Lobe Epilepsy and Acute Depression for all of my conscious life. I have battled tremendously with it for years - being put on all sorts of Prozac until the Drs finally got me right 3 years back. I have battled with suicide and self loathe, I have struggled to get out of bed and to interact with people (although have always been perceived to be an extrovert and a socialite, I am introverted and have mild social anxiety). I I have learned live with myself throughout a storm of being stigmatized, ridiculed, and laughed at, misunderstood, jeered, and harassed. in the midst of all this, I had a very supportive family and a few friends. I would go on and off medication and my relapses were frequent, until I was clinically declared psychotic. It has been a long journey, but I have since mastered living with my condition and I have harnessed the positives that come with it - being creative, being alert and ware of my surroundings, finding positives and beauty in every situation, being innovative, being solution oriented. with time, I started talking about this on social media and I already have a huge following and have been asked countless times to hold talks and seminars on this topic. as at now, in my free tie, I do a write up on my journey and it has proven beneficial to a lot of people ( there are a lot of men that are dying silently of depression and refuse to talk for fear of being deemed "weak" . ) I get calls round the clock from people needing someone to talk to and wanting to understand how I have come to beat this monster. I get people referred to me by their spouse or aunts or parents, to try and hear from someone who has defeated this dragon, how I did it. I am currently looking to dedicate weekends specifically to holding talks on living with and above depression so that I can reach a larger crowd. Consequently, I would like to be an Ambassador for this cause within the DHL Family, or help anyhow that I can to see others through. I am fully aware of the level of confidentiality that DHL upholds, hence I wouldn't hold one on one sessions, I would like to just address a whole department without prejudice as we are either affected or living with someone depressed and/or suicidal. The statistics are overwhelming. They would then seek help from Kaelo or Ask Nelson- but at least they would have known that someone, an actual human being, is living their best life and meeting set KPIs regardless of their condition and if I can, then so can anyone. Tunasafiri is Swahili for " We Journey!"

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am an ambassador for depression and I offer a survivors support.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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