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VDIni-Club Leipzig / VDI Bezirksverein Leipzig e.V.

  • By Britta Böhme-Hrushchak · Leipzig Hub, Europe


Britta Böhme-Hrushchak

Main aim of the charity

The VDInis Club offers technical and scientific education for children. Our general focus: - promote the technical interest of children, - strengthening the social competence of the children by working in teams, - encourage innovative thinking. VDInis with 220 members in Leipzig) are the first step to bring young people info a technical or scientific professional orientation. VDInis are the youngsters of the VDI - the biggest and most important organization and network for engineers in Germany. The VDIinis Leipzig belong to VDI Bezirksverein Leipzig e.V. At GaraGe Leipzig the VDInis are followed by many other initiatives, for instance beginning with the age of 12: "Zukunftspiloten" ("Pilots of Future"). Regularly on selected Saturdays 10 times per year we offer events for each children. The VDIni-kids build a community and an excellent basis for further education and networking.

How the employee got involved and why

I (Britta) started my engagement for the VDInis in 2016. First contact came via GaraGe (= a local center for technical education). From another DHL-colleague I received an information about the VDInis. I registered my son Josef and deceided to support the engaged group of volunteers. My idea: If somebody can open a door to technical and scientific issues early in the childhood, our children have a good chance to develop their interests in this. Since 2016 my son Josef together with many other kids took part in a lot of fascinating events. And we brought some of his friends to the VDInis, too. Today for these children it is common to handcraft, to use tools, to ask WHY, to discuss issues from physics, chemistry, electronics, logistics or IT, to teamwork. Lars has a similar story. Our sons know each other from the VDInis.

What work does the employee do for charity?

My focus is support of Events. Some of my tasks: To register participants of an event, to spend and collect money, to take care for the childs during events (the youngest are in the kindergarden…), to purchase / provide / collect / sort… material for our events, to work and build hands-on with the kids, to bake cake or pizza, to clean up rooms, … to say thank you to our supporters and partners. The feeling is a little bit like BEING MUMMY for a huge family. And as a volunteer I like the challenge, the responsibility and - best - the questions, knowledge and proundness, the THANK YOU and smile of our VDIni-children.

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