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Asociacion de Discapacitados del valle , Cali Colombia

  • By Gilberto Castro · Colombia, Americas


Gilberto Castro

Main aim of the charity

• Therapy for Children Disability • Education • Wheels chairs construction & donation • Food donation • Parents special care guideline for their disability Child

How the employee got involved and why

Well , started working with Jeison Artistibal since 2017 when I was base in Panama supporting them with fund raising event and helping in getting some parts from wheel chair and food donations as well. Now that I am base in Bogota, Colombia , I have beening supporting in donation for face mask and getting them som eeducation ssupport in Bio Security. I have not been able to fly to Cali to help them futher more because of flight restriction , The situation has become very critical because donation has stop coming in and our leader Jesison Artizabal has not been able to travel to futher raise money.

What work does the employee do for charity?

It provides a light of hope with children with disability in order to help them improve supporting them with physical therapy, virtual education , manufacturing wheel chair locally in Cali, Colombia and also proving food aid for our kids. This charity was awarded CNN AWARD in 2016 this actually when it got all started.

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