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Cassandra Peer

Main aim of the charity

Main Aim is to rescue, save and re-home as many unwanted cats & kittens and to stop the reproduction. It's constant cleaning of litter boxes, 3 times a day. The feeding of them, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all of them while they are in my care. Driving around to trap and get to the vets. Home checks wide and far all around Gauteng. I personally make cat toys in my spare time & donate them to the vets to sell and use money towards our vet bills. We also spend a lot of time on social media advertising our kittens and cats in hope to find them a good home. We host raffles on Facebook. We have a charity shop called “Saints” where we resell good quality 2nd hand items. This is just a small breakdown of what we do every single day and it’s still not enough. It’s not easy to get all of these animals in need, to nurture them in their most vulnerable time in their life to only re-home them and start all over again, bonds are formed and hearts are broken for each and everyone one. BUT. There is also nothing more rewarding than knowing you were able to help take them out of unimaginable situations, help them get back up and send them off to loving families who were kind enough to adopt in the first place, just so we can help get the next batch in and do it again.

How the employee got involved and why

My journey as a foster mom started with my daughter in June/July 2019 when she got involved with kitten/cat rescue and re-homing of abused and abandoned kittens/cats. Bringing all the rescue animals to our home where I immediately opened our home to accommodate these cute little fur babies. She then moved out in August 2019 and I took over full time from there. To date we have rescued & rehomed 25 kittens and 4 adult cats, just in our efforts in the past months, there are thousands more in the past years with all the foster moms put together. Working hand in hand with NPO’s such as CATZ R US and PAWESOME. Unfortunately, what comes with extreme joy is extreme sadness as we have lost some battles on the way due to sickness or circumstances that the animals came to us with that we could not save. In fostering, there is sickness, death, ferals which we have to tame, trapping, tapeworms, underweight cats/kittens, fleas, FeLV & FIV, broken limbs, blind cats/kittens and many more cases we can talk about.

What work does the employee do for charity?

What is a foster mom? We are volunteers who give our extra love & attention to help animals in their adoption process. We usually receive kittens as most adult cats are feral(wild), those adults are part of our TNR program (Trap, neuter & release) in the hope of slowing the growth of the population. We sit for hours on the weekends trapping adults & kittens for the TNR program. Some adults need extra medical attention which we always try help with before releasing them back, some adults are tame and we foster them & try rehome them too. When we receive kittens, some are only a few days old and require bottle feeding if mom was nowhere to be found/deceased. Kittens can sometimes be surrendered by owners who do not want them or their cat had an unwanted pregnancy where we urge them to fix their adults (as we have no legal leg to stand on to force them to sterilize their animals). We raise funds the whole time to pay for vet bills and if there is any money left over, we use it for cat food to spread amongst the foster moms. Our only expense as foster moms is cat litter, time & love (and petrol, lots of petrol). We care for kittens until they are 12 weeks old & ready to be adopted. We follow strict rules that include documentation, home checks & an adoption fee which covers the vet bills of that kitten (de-worming, vaccinations, sterilization, microchip & rabies shot). Luckily the NPO’s have partnered with vets that give them better rates for the job they do.

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