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Paul Grzywacz

Main aim of the charity

Our main focus is veterans helping veterans. We work to raise donations through charitable events and sponsoring organizations to go to the local community and fight veteran homelessness and mental health issues. We are all motorcycle enthusiasts and our primary events focus on charity rides where we communicate with the local community and law enforcement to ensure coordination is in place to run a safe and successful events.

How the employee got involved and why

I started a little over a year and a half ago once my wife's cancer went into remission, and we were back on track with life. Why? I, myself, am a combat veteran, and it tears me apart seeing my fellow veterans not able to receive help they need. There are multiple scenarios where a veteran would lose government benefits, many caused by incidents stemming from the physical and psychological trauma they experienced and the lasting damage it has caused. There are also the aging veterans who have little, or no family. They are challenged, frustrated and confused by modern technology and cannot get the help they require due to this. I am fortunate that I came back from war without physical injury. Psychologically, I am much better off than many of my fellow veterans, but there were somethings I would not speak about for a very long time. It wasn’t until I found this organization that I felt comfortable sharing, opening up and I am now striving to make a significant difference in the veteran community where I am located. A second answer to why… The organizations full members are all combat veterans with verified combat service. The local organization has members that have served in every war/conflict from Vietnam to the present. When we are speaking with veterans that are facing challenging times; be it homelessness, mental illness, or substance abuse, it is easier for us to relate because of our common past. More often than not, they are also combat veterans. We don’t judge, and if a simple “Welcome home” or “Thank you” makes a difference for them, Great!

What work does the employee do for charity?

I initially joined this non-profit organization as an individual contributor to help raise donations for homeless veterans, and veterans with mental health issues that are often compounded by substance abuse. I was recently elected as the organizations first Public Affairs Officer and I am working to develop a fundraising strategy, increase the organizations digital footprint, and social media presence, to help accomplish our mission of veterans helping veterans. I am working toward this goal so that by Q2 of 2021, the organization can start raising funds by applying for grants through federal, state and private/public foundations, donations from corporations and locally owned businesses, and the community through charitable events.

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