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Diwa ng Magdalo Foundation, Inc.

  • By Aldwin de Vera · Bahrain, MENA


Aldwin de Vera

Main aim of the charity

Goals To develop a new brand of professionals who will become future leaders in their own respective fields and committed in nation building. •To initiate livelihood programs in target communities and monitor the sustainability of the project. •To assist the target communities in attaining financial independence through the mobilization of local capacities and optimum utilization of external resources that the communities can gain access to. •To enhance the knowledge of individuals in vulnerable communities about disaster preparedness and crisis management •To achieve a "culture of prevention and resiliency" where everyone who is involved must establish and implement "customized strategies" in creating safe environments. Activities: 1. Scholarship Program •Courses Serve •Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration •Bachelor of Arts in Political Science •Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies •Bachelor of Arts Broadcast Communication •Bachelor of Arts in Film •Bachelor of Arts in Journalism •Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research •Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology •Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics •Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management 2. Information/ Awareness Campaigns 3. Medical/ Dental Missions 4. Feeding Programs 5, Relief Operations

How the employee got involved and why

I started to be involved in fund raising in year 2018 and involve in volunteer activities whenever I got a chance to go to Philippines during my Vacation Leave. Seeing people in needs and doing something for them, makes my heart feel good,

What work does the employee do for charity?

Philippines is a calamity country, with typhoons, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires and now COVID19 Pandemic. Diwa ng Magdalo Foundation, Inc is a Charitable Organization Incorporated in Philippines with Volunteers and Members Outside Philippines. Normally with my Chapter, we support the Call For DONATION of National Headquarters to help in their Socio-Civic Actions, Relief Operations during Calamities, Medical Mission in Far Flung Area, Feeding Program and Scholarship Program.

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