Felidae - Kleintierschutzverein

  • By Lisa Grebenteuch · Leipzig Hub, Europe


Lisa Grebenteuch

Main aim of the charity

Caring for abandoned, injured, abused and sick cats and finding a new, loving, forever home for them.

How the employee got involved and why

I started volunteering for Felidae in the beginning of August 2020, so not that long ago, but I’m already very passionate about it. My own cat sadly passed away after 13 years and then a few days later I stumbled upon Felidae’s facebook page, saw that they were looking for volunteers and just decided to apply.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I volunteer at a cat shelter in Halle (Saale) called “Felidae - Kleintierschutzverein”. We take in stray cats as well as cats that have been abandoned or ones that can’t stay with their previous owners anymore. We have 7 different rooms for the cats to stay in, which are cleaned by us every day. Of course we also need to feed the cats twice a day and sometimes we also bottle feed the baby kittens. We also have a vet who comes in every week and spays and neuters, vaccinates and checks on all the cats. The end goal is to find all the cats a new forever home and in the short time I’ve volunteered there I’ve already said “goodbye” to over ten adult cats.

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