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Friends of Vafa in Canada under Vafa Animal Shelter

  • By Mahnaz Mashouf · Canada, Americas


Mahnaz Mashouf

Main aim of the charity

Vafa animal shelter helps animals mostly disabled, abused homeless dogs and cats to have a home and food and treatment if needed. but due to pandemic we decided to help health cares with the essential needs. https://friendsofvafa.com/our-campaign-during-the-quarantine

How the employee got involved and why

it has been over 7 years I am working closely with Vafa Animal Shelter but we started making scraps June 2020 and this is ongoing project. due to the new situation to fight with Covid-19 some of the businesses were closed . we lost our private helps and mostly some of restaurants which they were sending their leftover foods for our dogs ,so in the situation that most of fundraising activities were cancelled or limited we decided to do differently based on today's needs.so when we realized government asking hospitals to reuse their PPE(Personal protective Equipment ) we came up with this idea to help them with nursing scrap as we can sew it with donated fabrics in lower cost.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I work with Canadian animal lovers and friends of Vafa Animal Shelter. A dog shelter in Iran with over 1500 homeless, disabled, injured and abused dogs.this organization relies solely on private support from generous donors and volunteers. some of our team members and I made nursing scraps for hospitals and nursing homes to help shortage of these products as well as helping nature as this nursing cap is reversible,washable and reusable product and some of doctors and nurses donated us , we spent it to feed our dogs in Vafa Animal Shelter in Iran.

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