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Guangzhou Blood Center

  • By JACKSON CHEN · China, China



Main aim of the charity

The place I chose is the National Blood Center, which is the most urgently needed blood center in the hospital. Everyone's life needs to take out a large amount of blood here every day to save lives. This belongs to the national organization, which mainly helps patients in need and emergency patients, mainly donating whole blood or platelets.

How the employee got involved and why

I started donating blood from high school and insisted on it every year. As a healthy and loving person, I need to make contributions to the masses, the society and the country. My blood donation can help those in need. I think this is my mission and I will continue to adhere to it.In the daily society, if I see some charities or donation activities, I will not hesitate to take the first step to make a contribution, and give your best efforts to help others in the circumstances within my ability.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Every year I insist on going to the blood donation station to donate my whole blood or platelets to help patients in need. At the same time, I also take my wife to donate blood.Also, I will donate my old clothes or some of my daughter's toys to some poor mountain areas or families in the country.

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