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HAMEB (Halte au Massacre en Birmanie)

  • By bendris emira · France, Europe


bendris emira

Main aim of the charity

the first humanitarian mission was initiated in Sittwe, one of the open-air concentration camps in Burma. Gradually, actions were deployed in Bangladesh and Malaysia, the main host lands for this stateless people, where the association regularly organizes targeted humanitarian operations. Concerned by the alarming situation of the Rohingyas and the ethnic minorities whose rights are being violated, they regularly intervene with various representative institutions or at conferences in France and abroad. Their battle horse is to fight for the restitution of their citizenship and the effective respect of their fundamental and inalienable rights as Rohingyas

How the employee got involved and why

I have known this association for a few years already and it really allowed me to discover these persecuted minorities whose names I didn't even know at the beginning and in which part of the world they were located ... I decided to invest myself in this organization by making regular donations, but also by sharing on my social networks their actions to make the collective known to the greatest number.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I have always been moved by the situation of other people in the world, but more particularly children. When I learned that the collective was going to create an orphanage in Malaysia I decided to get even more involved! So I have been one of the godparents of this orphanage for a few months: every month we receive news from the children by messages, videos or even photos. Thanks to various donations, they were able to inaugurate an orphanage with a living space of 360 m², allowing to welcome up to 40 children aged 5 to 13 years old Rohingya and Malaysian orphans. We want (godmothers and godfathers) as soon as the sanitary conditions will allow us to go to Malaysia against them ...

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