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Elderly People · 01:03

I feel helping is not an option, its a RESPONSIBILTY

  • By Prem kumar G · India, APEC


Prem kumar G

Main aim of the charity

Taking care of Old women left by their son/ daughter. Giving good health and peaceful environment to make them happy and live long. Its managed locally.

How the employee got involved and why

I believe that as we grow older, we will discover that we have two hands: one for helping ourselves and the other for helping others. " No one has ever become poor by giving " I got involved since 2015 when i was visited Valli Old Age Home on my Sons birthday for providing food and clothing and receiving blessing for my little one. It gave me so much of satisfaction of my life and the same day I have decided that I need this satisfaction throughout in my life.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I feel happy for being a part of Valli old age home by providing day care needs every month and engaging them during festivals along with my family since 2015.

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