Igboora Grammar School, the future we want for the student.

  • By Akeem Ajibola · Nigeria, SSA


Akeem Ajibola

Main aim of the charity

Igboora grammar school, igboora oyo state Nigeria, established in 1980 is in deplorable state at the moment. The state of the school’s learning environment is appalling and needs urgent resuscitation. The school where I graduated from century ago is weeping profusely for help. The classrooms of teaching and learning are no more conducive for students to learn, the teachers struggle daily to teach under virtually dilapidated classroom buildings. Everything about my Alma mater, your Alma mater, our Alma mater is in sorry state at the moment. The buildings are in a shambles and the conditions in which the pupils learn absolutely unfit for human beings,especially the young ones who are often referred to as the leaders of tomorrow should be groomed. While the roofs of some of the classrooms have been blown open as seen from the attached pictures, making sunshine and rain to have unhindered access to the poor children. The students are not happy about the condition and they are worried more about the implications it has on their future. Their foundation is not getting the right fortification and the consequence is bleak academic future for them. The alumni of the school are beginning to come together to work very hard to bring development to the school but by and large, the school needs a complete rehabilitation and this can only be done by the government or strong private sector to support. We are therefore appealing to the state government led by Engr. Seyi Makinde whose responsibility is to provide the basic infrastructures to please as a matter of urgent attention to look into the current abate condition of the school and rejuvenate the school for sustainable academic progress

How the employee got involved and why

The alumni was formed a year ago, but due to the current economic hardship being experienced in the country, there has never be a meaningful achievement as this has hindered active participation of members.

What work does the employee do for charity?

As an ex student of the school, we formed alumni at different categories to ensure contributions from members are directed towards the actualization of the development of the school.

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