Kalong Hitam (local non-profit organization/community)

  • By YOYOK SARIYANTO · Indonesia, APEC



Main aim of the charity

Supporting underprivileged children, including fatherless children / orphans (esp. in education)

How the employee got involved and why

I joined the organization since 2008. I am passionate to help children in need, including children growing up without their parents (father).

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am an active member of a non-profit local organization in Surabaya, East Java Indonesia called Kalong Hitam (Kantong Bolong Hindari Tamak) or in a literal translation, Emptying Your Pocket to Avoid Greed (EYPAG). The members of the organization (including me) are all male and act as foster fathers (unofficially) and we took fatherless children under our wing. Focusing on their education and with the support of the organization’s fund, we enrolled the children to schools, provide them with school needs (including uniforms, books, shoes). The fund of the organization comes voluntarily from the members (alms). We also visited the children at least once a month and give them a supply of food (5 kgs of rice). Currently I am supporting 9 children. On top of this, I also involve my family in the organization. In total the organization supports hundreds of children. Aside from this, we also run a house for children who don’t have a house, called Pondok Si Musang (Sirotol Mustaqim Untuk Menang) or in a literal translation, A Straight Road for a Victorious Life. The house provides housing for 19 children sitting in Elementary, Middle and High School). In the house the children can practice reciting Islamic prayers and they can continue their education. At the end of the semester, we usually held an event to celebrate their academic completion and asked the children supported by Kalong Hitam to join as well. Unfortunately I don't have the video, only pictures during our gathering (taken before the pandemic).

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