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Elderly People · 01:25

LIFE Trust

  • By Vivek Deenadayalu · Canada, Americas


Vivek Deenadayalu

Main aim of the charity

LIFE Trust chiefly aims to: 1) Provide a dignified burial to unclaimed, abandoned dead bodies 2) Provide love and care to the abandoned, uncared elderly

How the employee got involved and why

LIFE Trust charity is unique in the choice of its target beneficiaries: the uncared, abandoned old people and the unclaimed, abandoned dead. While helping the living is one thing, dealing with dead bodies is another- especially when the circumstances surrounding death are unpleasant and often, gruesome. LIFE Trust was founded by a lady whose marriage ended in a separation and a son to care for. The founder, Kalaivani found new meaning and purpose in her life by deciding to care not only for her son, but also for abandoned elders and the dead. Women in India do not normally enter cemeteries or crematoriums – which is why Kalaivani’s choice to deal with the dead is to break social taboo and show exemplary compassion and resolve. When news of LIFE Trust’s work reached me, its effect was almost instant: I knew I had to extend a helping hand to their salutary work. Distance and time which separated me and LIFE Trust meant that my contribution would be monetary, which I do as much as I can, whenever I can. LIFE Trust is not a “high profile” charity – its resources are meagre and they do not even have a website. They have been featured in the local press and television – they continue their extraordinary work, with little publicity!

What work does the employee do for charity?

I support them with monetary contributions and keep in touch with them over phone, Whatsapp and mail to follow their activities. I speak to my friends and family members to raise funds for them, especially during the Diwali festival season. Last Diwali, they requested a hot water fountain, which I was happy to donate, in collaboration with another donor. I am happy that the residents are now able to get hot, drinking water on demand.

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