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  • By Kathyreen  Tan · United Arab Emirates, MENA


Kathyreen  Tan

Main aim of the charity

The main vision is to empower children in difficult circumstances with improved quality of life, performing their expected roles and able to mobilize resources to meet their basic needs. Their mission is to care , to protect, to rehabilitate, develop and to integrate children in difficult circumstances into the mainstream.

How the employee got involved and why

I started to take part in this cause only last year December 2019 when my bestfriend invited me to join them in this beautiful act of delivering happiness to these children at the orphanage. I believe so much in this saying that a blessing is not a blessing if it is not shared. So, in as much as I can for as long as I live, I will share whatever little I have and whatever I can give in any forms of the 5 love languages - words, time, gifts, touch and service. If the intention is all about love then I am all for it. So being able to take part of making these children in need of special protection feel loved and to be able to make them feel like real kids again is such an amazing journey. I struggled in life growing up. I experienced many hardships early on in life. I personally experienced being sexually harassed in exchange for my college education. So, I know how it feels to put a good fight just to survive life and finish college with dignity. One way or another I can relate to these children's struggles too. This is the very reason why I am here joining, for a greater purpose of bringing DHL's BIG heart into these children's home. Know that You, DHL have always been my biggest blessing and I will never get tired of sharing that blessing to others in need. Thank you for your HEART.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Together with my bestfriend and his friends, I got involved with this annual Christmas Party for a cause that he organized for the abandoned, run away, and abused children at LINGAP Center, an orphanage back in my hometown, Pagadian City, Philippines in 2019. Like any other typical Christmas Party back in the Philippines, we took them to our famous Jollibee restaurant so they can eat the very special Jollibee chicken and spaghetti and there they got to play lots of games, and received school supplies and most especially toys which has been every kids dream to have during holiday season. For my part, I shared some amount of money from my own pocket, gave them to my mother to purchase the school supplies for these kids. I was also able to asked the City government's help to provide them the vehicle that will serve as the kids transportation from the center to Jollibee restaurant and back.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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