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  • By Everlyne Manasseh · Kenya, SSA


Everlyne Manasseh

Main aim of the charity

To keep youth from a poor background hope, moral support, and to keep them from engaging in political violence, suicide, and crime within the village. I liaise with the village coordinator - i send sanitizers, masks and monetary support during this COVID19 pandemic period to keep the players and their families safe. Before COVID19, i would be involved in the planning of matches, assisting with purchase of footballs and football kits, and also motivational talks which are essential for mental well-being of the youth. Currently i do it via telephone as they don't have laptops for virtual calls. Hoping to resume matches soon.

How the employee got involved and why

The group has been in existence for since 2007 to secure the youth from engaging in post election violence which was rampant that year. Many youth who did not have proper guidance engaged in the violence and some unfortunately lost their lives. I have been keen on their progress but due to financial constraints, i was only able to start contributing to them in May 2019.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Due to Covid19, I give monetary support towards the purchase of sanitizers, masks and hand washing equipment to a group of youths in my upcountry area who come together from poor backgrounds. Before COVID19, my support was towards purchase of soccer balls, uniforms, and soccer shoes. I also do motivational talks to the youth to encourage them that they have a bright future ahead of them, and encourage them to have Passion for life and have the CAN DO spirit. Soccer keeps them busy and occupied and also aids them refrain from illegal activities that may endanger their lives and their future. Due to Covid19, soccer was put on hold to encourage social distancing. Normalcy is slowly resuming, and i would like to aid with provision of funds to enable testing the youth of COVID19, to allow the games resume.

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