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Needy for Hungers

  • By Lokesh Srinivas · India, APEC


Lokesh Srinivas

Main aim of the charity

To serve needy people in their tough time and take care of our surrounding people with care and love. Our main aim is no body should stay hungry....

How the employee got involved and why

We started doing from our Son's 1st year birthday. But now we regularized on a monthly basis. We have supported almost 380 families during this pandemic situation which is continuing...... We realized the real meaning of the proverb " Service to mankind it is service to GOD" , by God grace we are able to serve at least 100+ families every month and volunteering will be continued...

What work does the employee do for charity?

We raise fund with known people and help needy hands who are struggling even to get their daily meals. We collect money and buy dry rations including rice, dal, salt, wheat, soap, sugar, oil and milk powder and biscuits to children which can be sustained for 15 days. 100+ families are supported in a month by me and my wife. Also we give our contact numbers to the needy people to call us for any such needs. We our self go and search people who are in need of daily meals

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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