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  • By Chanda Kapemba · Zambia, SSA


Chanda Kapemba

Main aim of the charity

Is to contribute to the well- being of children with Cancer and life threatening blood disorders through care and support, through interventions for patients, caregivers and to see an increase in the national survival rate of children with Childhood Cancers

How the employee got involved and why

I started this in 2017 after my previous organization ran a fundraising and volunteer program at the only Cancer Hospital in Zambia, Pediatric ward which is situated at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

What work does the employee do for charity?

there exist significant challenges to the receipt of comprehensive oncologic treatment for the children diagnosed with cancer in Zambia. Despite availability of dedicated paediatric oncology treatment, treatment completion rates are poor, due in part to the logistical challenges faced by families as a result of significant distance from the hospital and the costs involved as a result of lodging, meals and transportation. Alternative treatment delivery strategies are required to bring paediatric oncology care to underprivileged patients, as their ability to come to and remain at a central tertiary care facility for treatment is not available hence abandoning treatment. it is for this reason that I volunteered one of my family house for children and their caregivers to stay whilst undergoing treatment. Patients can stay weeks or months in the home whilst undergoing treatment. the patients that we house come from rural areas and very poor backgrounds who surfer a lot of stigma as cancer is seen as witchcraft in the villages they come from. We depend on donations from the community, well-wishers as well as families of cancer survivors to feed the families that stay at the home and provide basic sanitation.

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