Main aim of the charity

The organization's main goal is to promote gender equality and to raise awareness on Gender and Sexual violence. Their main focus is increasing male participation initiatives that aim at promoting gender equality thus they have programs that challenge toxic masculinity. They conduct mentorship classes for in and out of school boys. These classes are safe spaces were boys discuss masculinity, sexual reproductive health rights, consent, drug abuse, rights and responsibilities. They also link the program participants to psychosocial counselling services. The organization also conducts training on Gender based violence in schools for teachers and conduct community dialogue meetings, organize donations, conduct advocacy and sensitization campaigns around Gender equality, Gender and sexual violence's and environmental conservation.

How the employee got involved and why

I first started volunteering with the cause in 2017 before they were officially registered. I have always had a desire to do more for my community through being a role model and also being able to help the vulnerable. Thus after learning and experiencing Nyali Zambia’s work, I was drawn to their passion and vision. I was inspired when I saw young people being an instrument of change in our country by leveraging their skills, knowledge, talents and various networks. I saw this as a chance to be part of a cause that was actively working towards creating the change that I want to see in my community and my country. I volunteer with Nyali Zambia so as to promote societies where boys and girls have equal access to basic needs and opportunities and are free from sexual and physical abuse.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I volunteer in program facilitation and resource mobilization at a Youth led Organization called Nyali Zambia. The organization's main goal is to promote gender equality and to raise awareness on Gender and Sexual violence . Their main approach is male engagement (increasing male participation in initiatives that aim at promoting gender equality) . In my role as a volunteer, I share information on Gender Based Violence prevention and how to seek help to both online and physical community. As a male volunteer, my role is to engage especially with young boys so as to encourage boys who are victims of abuse to open up and seek appropriate help. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year in March, the organization has been running a campaign called Phuniza Mwana (which means educate a Child) which is targeting children in primary school at Community schools from Grades 1- 7 . The biggest challenge after the closure of schools was that learning was done online and majority of Zambian children from community schools have no access to e-learning. In addition, cases of child abuse in form of rape and defilement have increased at a fast rate. So the organization therefore came up with the campaign to provide educational materials to vulnerable children at community schools around Lusaka who have no access to e-learning (to reduce education inequality gap) and also to increase information on GBV prevention and help services. I saw this as an opportunity to help the organization raise financial and material resources needed to aid their efforts in addressing the above challenges.

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