Relief from pain (shortage of food, cloths, basic needs) to the poor people

  • By Siraj Sayed · India, APEC


Siraj Sayed

Main aim of the charity

We provide proper Food to the v needy & poor people:- People like handicap, old aged or widow who have no monthly income to survive or to leave. We support to the poor students who cannot afford to avail education (purchasing books & stationery ) We support in providing cloths to the poor people who has no enough money to buy cloth for themselves..

How the employee got involved and why

Our journey of supporting others (Needy & poor people ) was started from year 1st January 2019, with coordination and cooperation of NGO called Allah Ke Bande, We use to support & encourage the very needy & poor people who has no money to spent for their basic needs like food grocery, education etc Than in the month of March 2020 when due to COVID – 19, INDIA started complete lockdown to avoid any causality from CORONA VIRUS, me & wife Farhana sayed saw many poor / needy people have shortage of their basic needs like food. First we immediately took decision & invite our own society members to help us in this noble cause, with the help of our society we reached to 20 families first & than In second round we contributed the amount from our relatives who stays at abroad through which we reached more 40 families in near our surrounding at Marol Village, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059 (slum area), when other needy people who came to know about foodstuff distribution is going on from our end, they individually contacted us for their support, we than did more appeal to our friends / relatives to join / NGO ALLAH KE BANDE foundation & help in this incredible job, result in which we successfully able to provide foodstuff for more than 360 families till now. Approx. amount which we used for this good cause is INR 6.5 lac & total 3600 families got benefited.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We providing Food groceries, Cloth, Educational material / support and basic needs to the very needy & poor people in the society who's earning is not up to that level wherein they can fulfill their basic need & requirement, our aim or target to feed them & fulfill their basic requirement so they can also leave in better condition in the society.

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